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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Current mix of five generations in workplace poses challenges and opportunities

By Jim Becker (Detroit)

The current mix of generations in the workplace is unprecedented and will pose both challenges and opportunities within the workplace. Critical to the commercial real estate decision process will be a clear understanding of the generational differences, including, but not limited to, the approach to work, collaboration, communication, privacy, mentoring and productivity.

Avison Young released this week its perspective on the impact that the multi-generational workforce will have on corporate real estate leaders in the coming years.
The underlying theme of our comprehensive evaluation is that every company and culture will be different and the general inclusion in any specific solutions will be "it depends". At a minimum, our evaluation provides a useful overview of the generational characteristics of the Millennials, Generation X, Generation Y, Baby Boomer and quickly approaching Generation Z workforce, along with a logical checklist to assess exactly how your strategy needs to adapt.

We hope you enjoy the collective work of our Avison Young Global Enterprise Solutions team, which includes Andy Hammond, Graham Halkyard, Rodney McDonald and Starr Argyrakis.

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