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Friday, March 30, 2012

Mixed Use Development in Vancouver and Windcrest

By Michael Farrell (Vancouver)

The concept of Mixed Use Development was given a big boost in Vancouver a few weeks ago when the
Marine Gateway project sold out 415 residential condominium units in 4 hours. In addition to residential space there is a substantial commercial component that is experiencing strong leasing activity with a cinema and grocery anchor already in place. The entire project ties directly into the Canada Line rapid transit project that connects Downtown Vancouver with Vancouver International Airport in Richmond.

There are many people who believe that this is the best type of development for our cities now and into the future. However an article in this weeks Economist magazine demonstrates that the same type of creativity that is essential in mixed use development can be applied to defunct building and achieve a similar outcome and significantly benefit the surrounding community.

Rescuing shopping malls details how Rackspace, a rapidly growing IT company, chose to occupy a totally vacant enclosed mall as opposed to construct a new campus style head office for its now 3,000 strong workforce.

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